Public Speaking

David’s passion is sharing our Nation’s rich history, both on his tours and with the various groups where he speaks.

He believes in American Exceptionalism; not from a “we are better than they,” but from the standpoint that amongst the nations of the world we are different.

For example, we alone have a single Constitution that has lasted for more than 224 years. No other nation can claim such a thing.

And while there are things we have done as a country that we look back on with more than a tinge of embarrassment and disappointment, we can also look back on the things we have done right; things that no other country has done.

David tries to let history speak for itself, as well as those who made it, rather than adopting the latest viewpoint. In his speaking and his tours alike, he relies on original sources for what he shares.

Booking Information

If you are interested in scheduling a speaking engagement, or setting up a tour, please contact us at 703.963.1407 or [email protected]