Washington DC Tours

If you’re like most folks coming to Washington, DC you know there is a lot to do, but you’re not sure how to tackle it, and not even sure what all there is to see. That’s where we can make the difference between a trip where you saw a few things, into a trip where you saw more than you imagined, and things you didn’t even know were here.

Not only do we live here and know our way around, but we know all the main sites, plus scores of others that folks don’t even know exist; like the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial, honoring all Law Enforcement Officers that have died in the line of duty, or the American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial, honoring all our disabled veterans.

Yet we realize most folks have a limited amount of time that won’t allow them to see all the memorials and buildings throughout DC (there are more than 160 monuments and memorials), but most folks “short list” includes, the US Capitol, White House, Lincoln, WWII, Jefferson, Martin Luther King, Jr., Korean and Vietnam War Veterans Memorials, and of course the towering Washington Monument at the center of it all.

Another couple of places that are typically “must sees” include Arlington National Cemetery, our Nations most hallowed grounds; and Mount Vernon, the home of George Washington.

Just the name, Arlington, invokes honor and respect; and you feel it when you visit the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers, to experience the Changing of the Guard, stand at the Eternal Flame on President Kennedy’s grave site, or take in the commanding view from Arlington House on the rolling hillsides of what was once the estate of Robert E. Lee.

And Mount Vernon. Oh my goodness; to walk where Washington walked, see where he lived, walk through the mansion that he and Martha called home, and see his final resting place. Although it’s about a 25 minute drive from the White House, it is a beautiful drive, and time well spent.

And what about the Library of Congress, the most beautiful building in the city, (with the Washington National Cathedral coming in a close second) and the Supreme Court? Or the 18 Smithsonian Museums you still haven’t seen?

Unless you have several weeks, you’re going to have to admit to yourself that you will not “get it all done.”

Here are a few suggestions;
Give us 4 hours with a vehicle, and we’ll give you all the major memorials, plus take you by many buildings you have heard about; FBI, Treasury Dept, Dept of Justice, National Archives, and everybody’s favorite….the IRS. And we’ll point out other buildings and museums along the way.

Give us 6 or 7 hours and we’ll show/give you Arlington Cemetery and Mount Vernon.

Another 3 and we can show you Capitol Hill, for a tour of the US Capitol, Supreme Court, and the Library of Congress.

And what about Ford’s Theater, and Union Station, national Archives, and, and….you’ll need more time.

So the questions are:
– What do you want to see?
– How much time do you have?
– Do you prefer a vehicle, a bike or a walking tour?
– How many folks traveling with you?
– Whether it’s a private walking tour for yourself, or whether we provide transportation for you  and 500 of your closest friends, we’ve got you covered.

So why should you choose David Elliot Leadership for your tour in Washington, D.C.?
One reason is our passion. We are passionate about sharing this world class city with as many folks as possible. If we weren’t, we’d be doing something else.
Another reason is our experience. We have done close to 2,000 tours over the last 6.5 years. Now we know that quantity doesn’t make quality, but you can go here and see what some of our clients have to say.

Pricing information:
The best thing to do is to call/text us (703) 963-1407 (and please accept our apology in advance if we don’t answer when you call; we typically won’t answer when we are touring with a group, or speaking somewhere), or send us an email, [email protected] and let us know a few facts;
– date(s) of your tour
– times you prefer
– mode of transportation: walk, limo, bike, bus
– and any thoughts on what you would like to see, if you know.

If you don’t text, and don’t want extra email, below are some rough ideas with approximate prices, to at least give you an idea…but we would love to talk with you.

A 4-hour tour with a vehicle will run about $725-$1,200 depending on the type of vehicle and number of folks. And while the $1,200 sounds high, it works out to about $20/person on a full sized motor coach. We get out of the vehicle at all the main sites, allowing you to get some great pictures, but you won’t be quite as tired at the end of the tour, because we drive from place to place. This is also the best way to see more of the city, and get acclimated to the Mall and other sites.

A 3.5 hour walking tour will run about $300, and really is a nice way to see some of the sites. You just won’t see as many as you would if we had a vehicle.

What to bring:
– Water
– A snack (if you so desire)
– Comfortable clothing, weather dependent, and good walking shoes

So give us a call, text, or email, and let’s make some plans!

I’ve never saw a tour guide as passionate and customer driven as you. You soar to lithium heights to provide the memorable experience.
I use to think that I was top notch until I crossed your path.
The Larry Moon’s of the world are nothing compared to the David Elliot’s of the universe.
You are the best at what you do. The timing with your jokes, the context of what you are saying and how it is conveyed through your vast knowledge is stupendous

– Author and tour bus driver, Larry Moon