Christian History Tours

What have you heard about our history?

You’ve heard the stories about this being a secular nation, and the stories that the Founders were all deists.  But is that the case?  Most folks believe the phrase “separation of church and state” is part of the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution. Is that true?  Why would Thomas Jefferson, along with other members of Congress, attend church services in the U.S Capitol for 8 years if he believed in that “wall of separation”?

What do the Founders own writings (not the writings of a 20th century author) tell us about their beliefs?  When you see their words engraved in stone, and hear what else they had to say, it becomes clear their intent was to forge a nation built on Christian principles.  But it is not limited to just the Founding Fathers.  Architects, presidents, builder’s and stone masons from the 20th Century left the same Christian messages in the memorials and monuments they built in the Nation’s Capital.

Don’t miss this opportunity to see the memorials, monuments and statutes throughout the District that will give you a better understanding of what the Founders, and those that came after them, really believed.  Hear their own words, and see the monuments that were built to honor them, and the God they believed in.

Regardless if this is your first time in Washington or your umpteenth visit, you will see things and hear stories you have not heard before. So whether you prefer a walking, biking, bus or limousine tour you will see our national icons in a totally different light.

Tours: Information & Pricing

Occasionally we will have someone ask if they can use their personal vehicle for the tour. The problem is finding a place to park so you avoid a parking ticket (the DC police seem to take delight in issuing parking tickets; and they can range from $500-$1000 for a bus parked where they think it shouldn’t be). And often when you find a spot, you are now several blocks from where you wanted to be. If you are intent on driving your own vehicle, let us suggest you park the car, and then let us take you on a Walking Tour; just be aware of the distances required to see all the memorials. For instance, from the Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial is almost two (2) miles. If you are still game, we are happy to ‘go for the walk’ with you.

Walking tours – $65-$80/hour

Bike Tours – $70/hour + bike rental

If you have your own transportation and a driver, we can ‘step-on’ your vehicle for a tour.

Step-on Guide – $70-$80/hour

For those of you who aren’t coming with your own driver (and that’s most of us), we can provide the transportation. Typical rates are $150-$220/hour for the vehicle, driver, and guide, just depending on the type of vehicle and number of guests. We would agree with you that $220/hour seems high, but then we did the math; on a full bus, that comes out to $16/person for a 4-hour tour. That’s $4/hour/per person!

Transportation, with Driver and Guide – $150-$220/hour

*Gratuities not included

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Happy tourists have their say!

History come to life

I wanted to thank you again for your tour guide services during our recent trip to Washington, DC. You made American History so exciting for our students. They learned so much from you that they would not learn from a textbook. In fact, we all learned so much from you. You know so much more than the basic historical data. The stories that you told made history come alive! You really related well with our students. We had a great trip and the students have wonderful memories of all that we did.

Again, thank you so much. Have a wonderful and successful year!
Margaret, Cape Coral Charter School, Cape Coral FL